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Strap long | Reinforced padded Strap for Guitar and Bass. 126-143cm, 8.5cm wide. back
Buffalo Retro Vintage Crackle
Art.No.: 30 002/2 - 0085 / 588 Brown
This strap for heavy instruments is made out of buffalo vintage crackle leather.

It is heavy padded and comes with the classic length adjustment. It is produced with decorative offwhite seams.

The long length is adjustable from 126 cm to 143 cm. The length is measured from hole to hole with the braided belt at its short position.

This length is preferred by musicians who like to play their instrument low.  Also for guitars on which the strap-pin is  in the middle ( at the bottom ).

The strap is made out of two layer of full grain leather, together these are about 3.2 mm to 3.6 mm thick.
Full grain leather is very strong and durable.

A strap for a lifetime.

The strap's width is 8.5 cm. It’s the perfect width for holding the bass comfortably over a longer period of time.

Your bass feels much lighter with this strap.

The strap comes with a 6 mm hole and a 10 mm slit for the classic instrument

42,90 € inkl. 19% tax, plus delivery costs
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