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Guitar Bag for Two | Beige nylon canvas with buffalo leather trim back
Polyamide (nylon) canvas with buffalo leather trim
Art.No.: 20 002 4002 / Beige
size specifications
A handcrafted masterpiece!

  • Two strong 10 mm nylon zippers  open two seperat compartments. This way you can lay your instrument into the bag without a problem. By closing the bag your guitars are held inside like a sandwich. No matter what size these are  - no more moving or shifting!
  • Both chambers are separated by a well cushioned wall through the middle.
  • The guitars should lay on their backs when in the bags.
  • Both chambers are given enough room to fit in two solid body guitars.
  • Underneath the zipper (belly) is a foam flap positioned to protect the instrument from scratches. For extra protection, there are two perfectly positioned inner case patches.
  • At the bottom is a large pocket for reading material and an extra compartment for replacement parts.
  • On top of the bag is another pocket with a zipper for storing/holding your guitar tuner and other small accessories.
  • The bag’s handle- and shoulder-straps are both attached with not just one but two steel-fasteners; doubled up for more comfortable wear and a better hold!
  • The shoulder straps are detachable and sit comfortably on one’s back. The lengths of the straps are adjustable.
299,00 € inkl. 19% tax, plus delivery costs